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I have been researching criminological and legal topics for over fifteen years.  I have worked with various criminal justice agencies in various countries including the United States , the UK , Canada and Europe .    

My research on street prostitution was a longitudinal study on the reasons why women and men work in this area; their backgrounds, their culture, any drug/alcohol abuse, and their involvement and experiences of the criminal justice system and other agencies related thereto.  This study involved speaking to those working as prostitutes, their pimps, customers/clients, prosecutors, police vice units, drug and alcohol rehabilitation services and also prostitute advocacy services.  The study was undertaken in various countries, but was mainly focused in the UK (Middlesbrough, Cardiff , Manchester , London , Glasgow , Edinburgh and Aberdeen ).   I have also studied and researched human trafficking for the purposes of sexual activity (sometimes referred to as ‘sex slaves’).  This research has been undertaken again in the UK and the USA where these women and children are often trafficked; I have lectured some police forces on this subject in addition to undertaking general research.  In addition, I have produced research on domestic abuse/violence and Governmental responses thereto as well as international comparisons.

I undertook a four year study into the working practices of the police, police culture, equipment, etc in the 1990s.  I have also conducted research on policing methods in the United States and the inter-state problems. I have undertaken  analysis of the UK legal system and how it relates to offenders of specific crimes, being violent and sexual offences. 

I have worked within the Criminal Justice System in Scotland monitoring low to mid tariff offenders undertaking pre and post-sentence interviews to determine compliance with various court orders.  I then moved to a different jurisdiction working with sexual and violent (high-risk) offenders.   I have also worked with YHIP/Offender Health & Social Care on a temporary basis; this position involved reviewing the Bradley Recommendations (in relation to mental health within offending populations) and reviewing how agencies' compliance with these Recommendations was being implemented.  

I have researched extensively on war crimes and genocide; I have undertaken work on both UK and International law in this area as well as a review of the International Criminal Court and the United Nations’ Security Council.   My interests include mentally disordered suspects, sexual and violent offenders and their victims; domestic violence, prostitution, policing, prisons and law in general.

I am published in the Canadian Journal for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurship (22. No.1 2009; pp69-84) which you can obtain from the internet or this website; Ezine Articles also has me as an expert author as well as a book review on prostitution for the British Society of Criminology.  I was also the recipient of the Cavendish Award in 2005 for my work on the War Crimes Act 1991.


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